Thanks LG for widening the gender gap in tech journalism


So LG South Africa just launched a news device, apparently it’s great according to their Twitter account but I can’t attest to that. We will come back to this.

Something else that is happening in my universe today is that I am speaking on panel about women in tech and challenges women face. Tech is highlighted here as it is a tech conference but women face many challenges in the work place and we cannot deny this.

Back to LG South Africa and its device launch.

So imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up to see a conversation on Twitter that LG South Africa had a male only tech journalist launch of its new device. Why would this company do such a thing? I mean really?

Well it turns out no, they had two separate launches for members of the media. The female launch and the male launch. I didn’t realise this new device, of which I am not mentioning the name on purpose, was a gender biased device. Do mobile phones come with gender bias in their technical offering? If they do I also take issue with this.

Why would you create a device as such. LG didn’t, it just decided that perhaps women would prefer to talk tech during high tea while men would prefer to talk tech during a serious dinner.

If you ask me, this is a terrible waste of money and an insult to both genders. Being a female tech journalist already requires working extra hard to get the industry to take our thoughts seriously on gadgets and the generally state of technology and the business of tech. Why has LG decided that it was a good idea to separate the media as it discussed a device it claims is the on the cutting edge.

The conversation around women in tech can get so tiresome because it is viewed with condescension. We want to celebrate women on day and ignore them the rest. I do not care for tech celebration days, I rather you recognise and respect my contributions everyday.

There is a huge difference between hosting a women in tech event to discuss issues facing women in the tech space and having to separate events to launch the same device. Separate city and country launches yes, but gender launches? Really LG.

So thanks LG, you have done a cracker job in widening that lovely gap we all just can’t wait to make bigger.