Another day another airport: Why #globlemich came to be



Everyone at the office always jokes about how they should put an interactive map on the wall so they can track my movements — sorta like ‘where in the world is mich’ type thing. It was funny the first few times, now it might actually the reality of my world.

So here I am at the airport writing a blog post of my newly formed trip tracker site, because I have flight in 2 hours, I just landed from another trip and I can’t go home because I only have a 2 hour window before my next flight. It would be funny if airport security didn’t just recognise me again. That happens a lot these days I get recognised by airport, fellow airport hoppers know the feeling, when you have go through security so many times you feel like part of the furniture when you can give the safety instructions on a plane in three different languages because you have heard in more then 10 an committed it to memory.

So here I am trying to find something to do with all the images I collect from all over the world, the stories I hear and the adventures I have. This site began with just a hashtag, a way for the folks at the office to track my international trips or simply any trip that involved yet another airport but like anything in this world it escalated, now I have a blog to keep up.

Undoubtedly most of these posts will be written from an airport, in a hotel or even a plane to be published later. I hope for those of you who will stumble here that I don’t bore you too much but I do hope I take great enough care to give you a full picture of wherever in the world I am.

So enjoy the ride.

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