Lagos, the city that surprises no matter what you think

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This year I have visited Nigeria more times than I thought I would. Lagos and I have had a courtship that I never thought possible, trust me if you have seen photographs of Lagos in the news you’ll understand. However I have come to love this city and I am itching for my next trip.

When you arrive at Lagos airport it’s quite the adventure, busy and unorganised but make it through immigration and get out and you are almost home free.

First the heat and humidity will hit you into a fog of confusion, if you have ever visited Dubai you will understand what I mean. Then there is navigating the almost never moving traffic to get out of the mainland and hit the Islands. Once you achieve this then it’s a whole new world and experience. Welcome to a world of opulent wealth, a lifestyle so full of luxury and scenes so beautiful who want to be there forever.

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Traffic is a bitch. That’s the truth, if you think your city has a traffic problem that’s child’s play compared to what you will experience here. You can wait somewhere between five to six hours to advance five kilometers in the worst of it or the best of it somedays in some locations. The residents of Lagos are used to this, it’s just another price they are willing to pay to live in a city they consider to be the greatest in the world.

The people are insanely kind. Seriously! Everyone wants to help. Airport security called my ride for me because they were late and waited with me till they arrived. The lady even bought me a cold drink because it was hot and I hadn’t had time to change my money yet. The people make this city.

Nigerian cuisine overlooking the bay

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I got to enjoy delicious Nigerian cuisine overlooking the beautiful bay of Lekki. It’s like something out of an exotic travel magazine when you look at it from the Island angle. The world is so different, expats running around trying to navigate the complex yet simple terrain of the Nigerian market. Tech is big here and so is everything else. A country full of promise and a city where everyone wants a bit of that promise — things can get interesting.

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I asked the waiter that served me what his favourite thing about this city was: “that’s easy,” he says with a lazy smile. “When the sunsets and Lagosians come out to play,” his tone knowing. He is right of course as I discovered, no one parties like the people of Lagos and for them as long the drinks keep flowing and the dance floor is available it’s all good.

Take it from me, if you end of in Lagos, ignore the superficial veneer and take a trip into one of the Islands and enjoy a fish barbecue, some fried plantain, a bit of pepper soup and some much indeed carousing at Club 10 in Victoria Island.

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