Airplane mode: My travel playlist

In flight entertainment

Airplane entertainment often isn’t that great and most of the time I found that reading a book is a much better experience than watching a movie that get’s interrupted every the plane bumps into some clouds and the captain feels the need to tell you about it.

Unlike other travel playlist the airplane playlist is a little more difficult to put together. When road-tripping you want music that will keep you awake on a 13-20 hour plane ride you want something that can help facilitate sleep as well be a good companion to your reading material or your working (I work on planes).

Music is the most important thing to me when I am about to be technically cut off from the world for a significant amount of time. If I am unable to listen to music while it tends of make the experience or the more tasking and you find things begin to drag on.

You will find that sometimes that it pays to be prepared with your own entertainment and your own headphones because sometimes inflight entertainment system just stop working (thanks KLM).

So here is what I have been listening to for the couple of plane rides in no particular order, feel free to suggest additions.

Passenger — Let her Go
Lorde — Royals
Ellie Goudling — Burn
Daft Punk — Get Lucky
Lynyrd Skynyrd — Sweet Home Alabama
Guns n Roses — Paradise City
Queen — Bohemian Rhapsody
Wyclef Jean — Gone Till November
Lorde — Glory and Gore
Ellie Goulding — I Know You Care
Orbital — Doctor? (Dr Who Theme remix)
Kings of Leon — The immortals
Kings of Leon — Pick Up Truck
Peter Cincotti — Angel Town
Kings of Leon — The End
Jay Z — New York
The Red Hot Chilli Peppers — Aeroplane
Vampire Weekend — A-Punk
Two Door Cinema Club — Come Back Home
Adele — Skyfall
The Lumineers — Stubborn Love
Lana Del Rey — Young and Beautiful
Nero — Into the Past
Florence and the Machine — Drumming Song
Florence and the Machine — Rabbit Heart
Sleeping at Last — Turning Page
Imperial Mammoth — Requiem on Water
Amy Winehouse — Love is a losing game
Amy Winehouse — Back to Black
Billy Joel — We didn’t start the fire