Three days in Prague: Nutella and Astaire


Europe is a fascinating continent, I love it so much, everything is so close together that you can hop on plane and be in a new place in less that 2 hours. As I write this I am sitting on train whizzing through the czech countryside as I take the four-hour sojourn to Vienna the next stop on my trip.

I have spent the last three days in Prague via London. Before we go any further is it incredibly important to begin with wow! Prague such history such devastating beauty it makes you want to cry.

Three days in Prague or two and half to be precise. What do you do when there is so much to do. Three things stood out about my experience here: the city, the food and the beer. The plan was to get here, have look around and hopefully gain some meaningful experiences. It’s easy to get on plane and prepare for the greatest tourist experience after all it is Prague.

Day one was packed full of all the traditional touristy activities, which I recommend anyone visiting this city should do. Get on a tram to the castle area and walk it. It is said to be the biggest castle in Europe, the cathedral is an icon to everyone religious or not. It is built in the french style cathedral anyone who has been to Notre Dame will notice this immediately. Your heart stops and the walls dare you to not feel anything. It is building that demands your attention and your soul’s purpose. You feel a part of something here and if you can light a candle for someone special or for the world.

Then it’s off the castle surrounds, now the office of government, it’s palatial presence is so regal you have to wonder if Czech people should just go back to monarch role just so grand balls could be held here. This is also said to have housed some of the most brilliant minds of the time, and Kafka had a “writing house” here too.

From the castle you will find yourself in Jewish Town now one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Prague. The neighborhoods all have a special place in Czech history and are all fascinating to hear but I won’t go into that.

Prague by night

Without a doubt my favorite experience of this trip was the Prague by night dinner boat cruise. This will set you back 40-something euros or more depending on who you go with but it is worth every penny. You are ushered into a boat and slowly driven around city on the main river under the famous Charles Bridge. The city is illuminated to highlight some of its most breathtaking features. The music is questionable but entertaining nonetheless and the dinner depending again on your choice of company can be quite sumptuous.

Nutella dessert

After a day full of traditional tourist experiences, I decided to meet up with a friend on my last to see Prague from a local’s point of view. This brings me to food and beer! Whatever you do here, you must try the beer, you haven’t lived till you have had beer in Prague or just Czech beer. It’s both refreshing and exotic in taste. I ordered a small one to test the waters as it were and Martina (my friend) had said I would want more, she wasn’t wrong I wanted more so much more. Fun fact beer is cheaper than water here. The best accompaniment Czech beer is a traditional Czech meal, Svíčková was my favorite but the goose leg is good too. Dumplings served with beef and vegetable and cream sauce. Oh my word, heaven where have you been my whole life. These meals are quite heavy so pace yourself. When you have recovered from the main meal I suggest stuffed dumpling for dessert, mine was stuffed with Nutella, need I say more.

The dancing house

Once all that gastronomy is done it is best to take a walk through Charles Bridge to Old Town square to marvel at the astronomical clock, it’s underwelming when it gongs on the hour but still a pretty sight. Walk around the square through Paris street, the most expensive part of town then go ahead to the Dancing House, this building is modelled after Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dancing. From there make your way around the river banks taking the city before watching the sunset from the tower.

Prague is an architectural delight and worth many visits over. What better way to spend three days.