Pretty sunsets and smiling fish: walking San Francisco

City view

I got off the plane at SFO and the first thing I thought was, I think I should go for a run. Yes, all the crazy running tweets have made want to run. Also this is the beauty of San Francisco though, its beautiful wide streets, great parks and amazing views do make you want to run.

I didn’t run, I walked very fast ( no, really).

You can also walk slowly. There is plenty to do here, and you can easily walk 20 blocks without realising just how far you have walked. Little cafes will greet you at every corner, and neighourhoods lend themselves to adventures and the chances to get lost are plenty — you all know how much I love that.

The thing you need to know about this walking San Fran business is that it is not easy. As great as it is to walk San Fran it has some major gradient issues. A walk through the neighourhoods of San Fran is exercise, it’s fun exercise but it is kinda tasking.


My first walk through the city was through Ghirardelli Square and onto the jetty to see the city from the water’s perceptive — in way. From this point you can see Alcatraz quite closely and people fish around here. People fish and leave it out for you to see. I was a smiling fish with lady parts, that is all I will say on the matter.

Smiling fish

I enjoyed the fish walk so much I decided to take an hour walk from Polk street up toward Broadway all the way through Pacific Heights, this particular neighbourhood is what locals call “where all the expensive houses are”.

Back to my to walk. The top of Broadway is a great place to watch a sunset when you are not expecting one, when you stand there at the top, especially now in the fall the cool air tingling your skin and look up toward the bay at the pink hue of the sky, something happens. For a moment, the world stops and your breath is stolen by what lies below.

Pink sunset

It’s quite the mesmerising sight that even locals walking their dogs stop to bask. Can you imagine what it must be like to have this every day of your life. At this time of the year, it doesn’t last very long as the days are shorter and sunset comes and goes quite fast but if you catch it, it is worth it.

There is something about the city that grips you the moment you let it.