Mich BxWGlobeMich is my last hope for a sane existence. It is a my letter to the world about my adventures, past, present and future. It is where my thoughts become real and a place I hope to dream. I am very lucky, I get to travel the globe for work and meet amazing new people and have great adventures. Here you will have plenty of commentary about my travels, but you will also find plenty of commentary on my views on the world, my thoughts on feminism and plenty of Instagrams.

Who is Mich?

A fiery tweeter and digital native, Mich has been hanging around the internet since she was eleven, back in the days of Netscape. Later on, her interest lead to her graduating with a Masters Degree in New Media and Journalism, and her position as Managing Editor at Burn Media. She was named one of Mail & Guardian’s top young South Africans in 2012, writes a column about technology in Africa for CNN, judges occasional startup competitions and spends her free time working on the final draft of her PhD. But Mich says she’s just a girl, standing in front of a startup, asking them what their business model is. A member of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers community, I am hoping to change the world some day, this is one small step toward a big change.

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