Hello from New York

2013-10-01 07.35.41

2013-10-01 07.35.41

I am in New York this week. A very busy and hopefully adventure filled week.

I love this city. To be honest it’s hard not to. This is one of the greatest cities on earth and it never fails to let you know why.

I am hopping about New York this week and it’s already off to a great start. With some great subway adventures and bus mishaps.

I ran into a man in the subway with morning who asked me if I was ready. Ready for what, I ask. For him to blow my mind. Really New York? This is the man you send to me on this day.

It hasn’t been all cheesy but I am sure more cheese will come. I took walk this morning and managed to catch the city from the Hudson river, Jersey side, it was breathtaking. The sun hung in the sky and New York city bid the day hello.

There is tons to do here and everyone can join in the fun. From art at the MOMA to hot dogs in central park and the best pizza in the world at Grimald’s in Brooklyn. Get ready New York because I am about to blow your mind, oh wait is that the other way round?

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